Marland Hill Community Primary School

Together we will achieve more!

Year Group Focus - Reception

In reception we have had a very busy start to the year, not only have we got used to our new surroundings and finding lots of new friends but we have been busy learning lots. 

In phonics, we have already started learning how to read and write lots of new sounds and these lessons are every day.

Our maths work includes understanding numbers to 5 and being able to subitise these numbers so we know numbers without having to count, we have also learned 3D shape names and properties and 2D shapes and properties, this week we have been understanding one more up to 5. Not only do the children enjoy their maths lessons which always starts with a number songs but they love using the equipment to explain their learning and have started using a maths journal. 


This half term our topic work is based on Traditional Tales (Three Little Pigs, The Enormous Turnip etc) where the children learn and understand the stories and then develop this understanding throughout the continuous provision opportunities both inside and outside. They particularly enjoyed being the Big Bad Wolf and trying to knock down the houses that had been built outside. Through this story, the children have also been identifying different materials and sorting different materials.


We are so proud with how hard everyone is working and we cannot wait to see what else they can do!