Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Year Group Focus: Year 4

 As part of the Geography theme pupils are learning about the physical and human features of their locality Rochdale. They will take part in a field trip week 4 of this half term to explore features of the locality in small groups. 

On Monday  Year 4 pupils participating in the school choir will take part in the Connect song festival , alongside schools in the network, forming a choir of around 180 children. The morning will be a fantastic singing celebration themed to 'Happiness'. 

In English pupils are applying the learning they have made in science to write an explanation text about the human digestive system. They will also be looking at biographies this half term and will be writing their own thinking carefully about the features they will include. 

Pupils have been enthusiastically making cards for Mother's day to celebrate with their family. 


This half term the children have taken part in the Year 4 Linking Project, where schools within the borough visited our school to take part in a series of workshops. Both classes are taking part in the linking project with visits to MH from linking classes.  Pupils took part in two workshops themed to the picture book 'The Crown'. The children took part in an Art workshop where they  made shadow puppets with visiting artist, from recycled materials. They also took part in a Drama workshop also themed to the book where children explored a range of movement and freeze frames. In the summer term classes from MH will visit their partner schools for a day.