Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Year Group Focus: Year 3

As is always the case the build up to Christmas in Year 3 was a hectic one! 


In Design Technology we finally got the opportunity to put all of our planning and designing to good use and make our own festive stockings. To do this we used felt and other decorative items to work toward a design criteria that we decided on earlier in the half term. We created our own templates before using the sewing skills that we had practiced to join the pieces of fabric and attach sequins and other decorative items. Once finished, we took our stockings home and crossed our fingers that Santa would fill them! 


In Science, having learned all about how fossils are created earlier in the term, we used toy dinosaurs, plasticine and plaster of Paris to create fossils of our own. Firstly we made an impression of our dinosaur in the plasticine which we then placed in the bottom of a paper cup. We then added a layer of plaster of Paris. Once this was dry we were able to remove the paper cup and plasticine, leaving behind our fossil which we then painted to make it look authentic. 


In music, class 3A continued their work with Mr Murtagh of Rochdale Music                    Service which ultimately led to them performing for the whole of Key Stage 2 in a special assembly. Despite several issues with the technology on the day, the children performed brilliantly and showed just how confident they have become in playing the glockenspiel. 


Since returning from the Christmas holidays, in preparation for another busy half term, we have been busy getting to grips with all of our new topics including Animals Including Humans in science and The Ancient Egyptians in history.