Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Year Group Focus - Year 3

The children in Year 3 have a had a very busy week full of assessments. All of the children have worked extremely hard to show just how much progress they have made throughout the year.


However, as well as the work they have put into completing their assessments, the children have also celebrated Science Week by making their own time keeping pendulums and investigating how these can be made to swing faster and slower. In doing this, the children looked at the effect of both adding and removing weight and lengthening and shortening the string used to create the pendulum. As the photos below suggest, this was activity that the children very much enjoyed. In our regular science lessons, the children have been thinking about magnetic and non-magnetic materials and using a selection of magnets to sort these into groups.


In addition to all the excitement caused by creating pendulums, the children, in Design Technology, thought about designing their own moving monster (or mummy as the case will be) using shape nets to create the sarcophagus that the mummy will eventually rise from. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished products arriving home.