Marland Hill Community Primary School

Together we will achieve more!

Year Group Focus - Year 1

 Our topic for this half term is a geography focus, answering the question ‘Where do I live and what is  nearby?’. We have looked at where we live and our addresses, human and physical features in our local area and a range of maps. As part of our unit of work we wrote a letter home to our parents and then walked to the local post office to post our letter. The children loved talking about all the things they could see and the journey they took.


In DT we have been making moving pictures linked to the theme of minibeasts. We investigated 3 different moving mechanisms, a pivot, a slider and a wheel and then chose our favourite to incorporate into our  finished piece. I think you will agree they are fantastic!


In science we have been learning all about out senses and have carried out a number of practical sessions including feeling items from a feely bag and guessing what they were, tasting and smelling foods and trying to figure out what they were and also a listening walk. Science week this year focussed on time and we completed an investigation into which jelly would set the quickest. We compared 3 different jellies, 1 plain jelly, 1 containing fruit and one containing jelly sweets.