Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Year Group Focus - Nursery

This half term we have started a new topic called ‘Big Wide World’. We have been learning all about different countries around the world, where different animals live, different foods and what children from different countries enjoy doing .


Fantastic Journeys

The children had the chance to practice their large motor skills, they all completed an obstacle course were they had to run, jump, climb, balance and ride a bike. They all had lots of fun and did a fantastic job.



The children really enjoyed sharing their Tapestry posts about holidays and days out that they have been on. We also read about the penguin who went on holiday. We spent time packing his suitcase for a hot holiday and then a cold holiday.


Animals around the World

We have spent lots of time looking at maps and talking about different countries. The children spent time creating different habitats for different animals. They had to think carefully where the different animals might live, if it would be hot or cold and what the habitat might look like.


Children around the World

The children have been looking at different children around the world. We have been talking about the similarities and differences of these children. We know that children in different countries go to school, like to play games and have friends just the same as us.