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Year 6 SATS Revision

A letter has been sent home with all Year 6 children this week, about supporting them in their forthcoming SATS examinations.  The letter included a suggested timetable for revision in English & Maths.  If you would like a copy of the letter, please call into the school office, or you can download it from this website from  'Letters Home' page. 


Revision books are available from the school office.  We have guides in Maths, Higher Level Maths, English & Grammar.  In addition we have practice test papers available.  They can all be purchased individually or as a set.  The cost of each item is £3.


Please remember we have our Year 6 parents' meetings on Tuesday 26th February.   It is important to attend to discuss your child's progress and for you to raise any issues or questions you may have.