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Total Trust Tutors

You may look to a tutor to assist in improving your child’s educational development. If this is the case we have put together some guidance around choosing a tutor and supporting you into keeping your child safe after school.



  • Do check the tutors qualifications
  • Do undertake background checks, including reference from last employer
  • Do speak to other parents who provide recommendations
  • Do ensure the sessions take place at your home and are visible to you
  • Do make sure you and your child feel comfortable with the tutor
  • Do challenge any practice you feel is inappropriate or harmful
  • Do make sure any communication from the tutor goes through you and not your child
  • Do do maintain boundaries - tutors are professionals you are paying for a service




  • Don’t assume the tutor has had background checks
  • Don’t ignore if your child says they are not happy with the tutor
  • Don’t leave your child alone with tutors whilst you are out / not around
  • Don’t accept the tutor’s word; ask to see evidence of qualifications
  • Don’t allow your child and tutor to have each others their personal number / email / social media
  • Don’t allow your child to meet the tutor outside of sessions
  • Don’t accept practice or behaviour from the tutor that you feel is harmful, unsafe or unprofessional



Don’t accept that a DBS check means someone is safe to work with children, if something does not feel right you should check or report:

- Communicate with your child

 -  Share information with the Local Authority Designated officer (LADO)

- Report concerns to the police