Marland Hill Community Primary School

Together we will achieve more!

Springfield Park Community Garden

Matthew Moss High School are involved in a community project in Springfield Park. They are going to create a community garden area that promotes the fabulous work that Springhill Hospice does in the community.

We are working with Hopwood Hall Technology Faculty, RMBC, The Friends of Springfield Park and Springhill Hospice.

We have secured a minimum of £8000 worth of funding for this project via the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ Grant Scheme. We have been put forward by Tesco HQ, along with another two local projects, to take part in a public vote at the Tesco store in Sudden (also the mains store in Middleton).

IF YOU MAKE ANY PURCHASES BETWEEN SATURDAY 27TH OF FEBRUARY AND SATURDAY 6TH MARCH, you will be given a blue token to put into one of the three voting boxes.

Please could you put your token in the box marked SPRINGHILL HOSPICE COMMUNITY GARDEN.

We could increase our £8,000 to £10,000 or £12,000.

If you are local, please tell your friends and family. Our local Primary School Partnership are supporting us as well.

Many thanks
Roy Down
Matthew Moss High/Friends of Springfield Park