Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Science Week

This week in school the children have celebrated science week and the theme for this year is time. The children have enjoyed a variety of experiments looking at how something can change over time.


In year 4, the children used plastic bottles to create water clocks. They cut the bottle in half and used a compass to poke a hole in the lid. They then added water (with food colouring in) and timed how long it took for the water to pass through the hole and into the bottom of the bottle. The children marked the bottle to show every minute that had passed. They thoroughly enjoyed this experiment.


In Year 2 the children observed different types of jellies. The children made 3 different types of jellies   adding different ingredients to each jelly and then observing if this affected the time it took the jelly to set. The children checked the jellies every half an hour and were definitely shocked at the results!