Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Re-Opening School Plans for September 2020

Dear Parents


Thank you for your support this year, particularly during the difficult lockdown period. We are obviously now planning the full reopening of school for September, and I wanted to make you aware of some of the key aspects and decisions we have made. These are obviously subject to change in line with any changes to Government guidance, and are anticipated to be in place for the Autumn term initially. We will inform you of any changes as soon as we need to and are able to.



We have made the decision to group the children in year group ‘bubbles’. We made this decision after careful consideration, as it will allow us to better offer support and intervention across year group classes, therefore being able to meet the needs of a greater number of children. Under current Government guidelines, it will mean that if there should be a positive COVID19 test within a bubble, there is the potential for the bubble to ‘close’ and a period of self-isolation to begin for all members of that bubble. Home learning would be provided to the children if this were to be the case.

Children attending the HIRB will form their own bubble with Mrs Elliot and the HIRB staff so that their specific needs can continue to be met.



In order to meet the requirements, set out by the Government, we will have to change the way lunchtimes work slightly. This will involve a ‘week on, week off’ rotation for school dinners, meaning that children will be able to have a school dinner every other week, with a grab bag being provided in the weeks either side of this. This will be for children in year 1 upwards.


Social distancing

There will no longer be the requirement for the children to social distance when in school, however, for adults in school, there is still the Government recommendation that they should follow social distancing guidance. We will obviously do our best to follow this guidance, whilst at the same time ensuring your child continues to get high quality teaching and support. In conjunction with this, from years 1 to 6, again following Government guidelines, the children will be seated in rows of desks, all facing the front of the classroom.



It is the expectation that from September, full school uniform will once again be worn by all children. There is also no longer the requirement that this is replaced each day, or for any special laundering arrangements to be implemented. May I ask that you fully support us in ensuring your child is wearing full uniform, including wearing black school shoes, and no jeans or jogging bottoms. Jewellery will also be limited to a single pair of stud earrings, and a wrist watch. Children will also need to have a PE kit in school each day, ideally suitable for outdoor PE. Please also ensure this is in line with the school’s PE kit guidelines. 


Breakfast Club

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions linked to the provision of Breakfast Clubs, we will not be able to offer Breakfast Club initially. Being mindful of the issue this may create for some parents we are considering a booking system, offering a maximum of 15 places, and will let you know more about this as soon as we are able to.


Staggered times

To support in the minimising of numbers of people on the playground before and after school, we will be operating a slightly staggered start and finish time. Children in class A of each year group will start at 8.40am and finish at 2.55pm, and children in class B or C of a year group will start at 8.50am and finish at 3.05pm. You will be informed whether your child is in class A, B or C for their year group. The teaching time for all children, irrespective of which class they are in, will be equal. 


Attendance and punctuality

From September, it will once again be compulsory for all children to attend school again. We appreciate that this may be daunting for some children to return after a significant amount of time off, but we as school staff are aware of this and are planning for it. Please help us to support your child by ensuring they are in school and on time every day. Whilst this will also support with the staggered start times to reduce people in the school grounds, it also means that your child gets back in to the routine of being in school and ready to learn. If you feel there are any issues we need to be aware of, then please let us know as soon as possible by phoning or emailing the school office.


Contact over summer

Towards the end of the summer your child’s class teacher will be in touch with additional information in preparation for September. This will be sent to you via text, with a link for you to follow.  We will also share any significant information about reopening, if there are any changes or updates.


Once again, can I thank you for all your support this year, and we look forward to seeing you in September!



Yours sincerely


Mrs Alex Pridgeon