Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Positive Praise—Stars of the Week

The following children won our ‘Star of the Week’ class awards, in recognition of their hard work and excellent efforts both in school and learning at home. Well done to everyone for all your hard work this week, and once again thank you parents for all your support. 



Year RA:     Taylor

Year RB:   Zayn & Zunaira

Year RC:     George

Year 1A:    Aleeza

Year 1B:      Kai

Year 2A:   Aqib & Aizah

Year 2B:     Rhyden

Year 3A:   Yusuf

Year 3B:     Rhys

Year 4A:   Rumaysa

Year 4B:     Ayaan

Year 5A:   Hashim

Year 5B:     Sahil

Year 5C:    Deacon H

Year 6A:     Mariya & Alisha

Year 6B:    Aaliyah & Kai

H.I. Unit:     Ayomide