Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Parent's Meetings

Parents meetings will continue to be taking place via School Cloud which is an online appointment booking system. Please go to:

to book your appointment.


The dates are as follows:

  • Mr Wood (5B) Thurs 25th March
  •  Mrs Hall (3B) Thurs 25th March
  •  Miss Green (2A) Thurs 25th March
  •  Miss Hughes (6B) Fri 26th March
  •  Mrs Elliott (HIRB) Fri 26th March
  •  Miss Moulton (2B) Fri 26th March


  •  Mr Rimmer (4A) Mon 29th March
  •  Miss Greenwood (Nursery) Mon 29th March
  •  Mrs Heselwood (1A) Mon 29th March
  •  Mr Child (1B) Tues 30th March
  •  Mr Rigg (5A) Tues 30th March
  •  Mrs Cassell (Year 1) Thursday 1st April.


Appointments will be strictly limited to 8 minutes so please ensure that you test your device and sound beforehand and be ready to join the meeting at the allotted time.