Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Jewellery and Hairstyles

A letter has gone home regarding the number of children wearing items of jewellery in school. Please may I remind you that this is not appropriate, or part of the uniform policy, and I ask for your support in reminding your children of this.  If earrings are worn, then they should only be a small pair of studs. Hoops or dangly earrings pose a health and safety risk to your child, so are therefore not suitable. Wrist watches may be worn if you choose for your child to have one, but they should not have the capacity to carry out any kind of recording on them. Necklaces and bracelets should not be worn at all in school.  Could I also remind you that hairstyles should be sensible and appropriate for school.  We encourage long hair to be tied back.  Hairstyles should not include those with patterns or tramlines being shaved into the hair or eyebrows.

Over the coming weeks we will be speaking to the children about this, and reminding them of the rules. I would appreciate your support in reinforcing this if required.