Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Internet Safety & Anti-Bullying Show

As part of our work around internet safety and anti-bullying we were delighted to welcome One Day Creative to Marland Hill today with their touring show "Ugly".


About the show

Have you ever thought about what happened to the Ugly Sisters after Cinderella went off to marry her Prince Charming?
 In this challenging and thought-provoking piece about the effects of bullying and cyber-bullying, we see what happens to two sisters who have been openly shunned by the same boy, have a mother with mental-health issues, a high-profile celebrity sister who seems to have it all, and no-one to turn to when they feel the whole world has turned against them.


This interactive performance looks at issues children are facing today including social media, trolling, peer pressure, verbal abuse and physical bullying. It also looks at how easily it happens and how we can avoid getting involved. We will question some of the myths surrounding bullying; is it a normal part of childhood? Does surviving it make you stronger? Is it okay to hit somebody who is bullying you? Does bullying only happen in schools? Can you spot a bully from the way they look? Is it still cyberbullying if you have never met the person and haven’t physically hurt them?


Along the way we’ll meet some famous characters including Cinderella and Prince Charming themselves (well, over Skype), and we help the sisters to work out what to do.


What the children learn...
 Exploring how to use voice, movement and expression in role play and drama.
 Expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings through role play and drama.
 Individual confidence, public speaking, basic acting skills, teamwork and awareness of others.
 An understanding of Cyber-Bullying and the importance of Internet Safety.


All of our children thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Check out the pictures and videos below!