Marland Hill Community Primary School

Together we will achieve more!

Group Focus: Year Reception

In Reception we have had a very busy start to 2024 with our topic People Who Help Us. Each week we have been focussing on a different group of people starting with the Police which was inspired by our Talk Through Story book Cops and Robbers by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. PC Steggles came into school, talked to all the children about how he helps different people and showed us a lot of his equipment. The children were very nervous at first but he soon became very popular and the children enjoyed role playing being a police officer in the role play areas both inside and outside. We have also been learning about farmers, dentists, vets and postal workers with another visit booked in next week.


In our daily phonics lessons we are working hard to continue to learn new sounds and orally blend words, this is something that can be done at home. We use Fred talk to sound out a word e.g. c-a-t, ask your child and see if they can tell you what that word is.


Our maths work continues with understanding numbers to 5 and being able to subsitise these numbers so we know numbers without having to count. The children have now started to understand the composition of number for example knowing that 1 and 4 makes 5. In our Power Maths lessons we have been learning about numbers to 10, addition to 10 and more recently learning about measure – length, height and weight. Not only do the children enjoy their maths lessons which always starts with a number song but they love using the equipment to explain their learning and have started using a maths journal. 


We are so proud with how hard everyone is working and we cannot wait to see what else they can do!