Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Focus week - Year 3

As always, this week in Year 3 has been a busy one!


In  History, we have been thinking about the Stone Age and in our last history lesson thought about cave paintings and what they tell us about the past. We looked at the ways in which cave paintings were created and used what we learned to create our very own Stone Age-esque cave paintings. To do this we used charcoal and pastels alongside a selection of stencils to replicate the cave paintings we have looked at. As you can see from the photographs, a lot of fun was had doing this, particularly rearranging the classroom furniture!


In Art, continuing to think about the Stone Age and Stonehenge, we created pieces of artwork based on the famous Neolithic monument. We used a range of bright colours and a washing technique to create a colourful backdrop for our sketches of Stonehenge. We think the results were pretty spectacular! Following on from this work, we used clay to create Stone Age jewellery. First we created shapes from pieces of clay before threading them with string and painting them to make them look authentic.


In music, class 3A have been working alongside Mr Murtaugh from Rochdale Music Service to learn how to play the glockenspiel. Whilst this was a little challenging at first, we are now becoming more confident and are starting to get our heads around some more complex pieces of music.