Marland Hill Community Primary School

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Community Cohesion


Our Community Cohesion ambassadors worked in partnership with Hamer Primary School and Rochdale Sixth Form College. They did some excellent work on diversity within families and communities. What does diversity in families mean/look like. They then designed carnival floats to celebrate difference.


In the morning we discussed the ethos and values of a community. In the afternoon colleagues from the Local Authority and construction firm Wilmott Dixon visited and they learnt all about the construction industry and how to build electric circuits. We also looked at how to physically build a community – ie with buildings.


Please have a look at our photos below which show the children unpicking diversity and difference through various different texts and some of us all having a go at building circuits – it was great to see the Headteachers also joining in!!


We are looking forward to our next session at Hamer in May!