Marland Hill Community Primary School

Together we will achieve more!

A letter to all pupils

Dear Children,


Well done for all the work you have done at home recently (and for those who have been in school, well done to you as well).


We know it has been very difficult for you this term – we didn’t expect school to be shut so quickly, so we know this will have been a surprise to you too.


It has been lovely to speak to you and find out what you have been up to – your teachers have enjoyed these conversations and seeing your photos and work, and we know that many of you are excited to come back to school. We know that you have missed your friends and are looking forward to seeing them again.


All the adults in school have missed you and can’t wait for you to return. We know some of you might be a bit worried about this, but we are ready to help you. We will still be in bubbles and have to do lots of hand washing – this is to keep us all safe. For now, when on the corridors, the adults will sometimes be wearing face coverings. Again, this is just to help keep everyone safe.


We know that some of you will be worried about your work, so have thought carefully about what we will ask you to do when you come back. We will do lots of reading (the adults as well), go over the Maths work you have done at home to help you where you struggled, but also do lots of art activities as well. We know many of you will have not done very much writing recently, so will need some time to get used to this again. When it is PE, you will still be able to come to school in your PE kit, as we know you like to do this.



When you come back next week, school will run like it did before Christmas, so won’t be very different for you this time. However, if you have anything you are worried about, just let an adult know so we can try to help you.


Most importantly, we can’t wait for you to come back to school, and look forward to seeing you back.


See you soon!

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Pridgeon (Headteacher)