Marland Hill Community Primary School

Together we will achieve more!

Year Group Focus - Year 6

 In PE, Y6 have been working on gymnastics. They have been making up short sequences and this week, have been using the climbing frame to explore different ways of travelling.


In art, as part of their knowledge and understanding of form and 3D work, children are using new techniques: paper and wire sculpture. They sketched plants and flowers to inform their design of the paper and wire sculptures. They have now started to create their sculptures and will finish them by adding embellishments to reflect the detail.


As part of our work on democracy, the children have elected class candidates to put forward to a school election. There are three boys competing to be Head Boy and three girls competing to be Head Girl. The children have worked very hard on their poster campaigns and have written speeches. KS1 have heard the speeches and voted on Monday. KS2 will do this on Friday. We will let you know the results next week. Good luck to all the children involved!