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Outdoor Pursuits / Extended Schools

Whole School Outdoor Pursuits Coverage and Timetable 2018-19

Outdoor Pursuits


At Marland Hill we ensure that all children take part in a variety of outdoor activities during their time at out school. 



During the Easter Holidays 2017, 40 Children from Marland Hill Primary, Brimrod Primary and St Edwards Primary took part in a drama workshop. The workshop took place over three days and the performance the children worked towards was Joseph and his Technicolour Dream coat. Over the three days the children worked together to rehearse lines, learn new songs and practice dances. Each child created a poster, helped to make the stage props and designed their own t-shirt. It was a fantastic three days and every child thoroughly enjoyed themselves. On the third day all the hard work the children put in paid off as they performed the show in front of over 70 Parents and Carers. The show was amazing; many parents could not believe what their children had achieved in such a short time. A video containing pictures is available which shows the progression from day one to the final performance.

Easter Drama School 2016

Please click above for our full report on the Easter Drama Activities that took place at Marland Hill.

Spring Term 2016


During the Spring term the children in Year 5 have begun there experience of learning in the outdoor environment. The children are taking part in an early map reading session at Tandle Hill Country Park where they have been using a set of clues to help them navigate their way around. Before the outing the children have had to ensure they have selected the correct equipment they need from a given list. The children have also had the opportunity to challenge themselves physically on a high ropes adventure park. 


Outdoor Pursuits is heavily funded by pupil premium money to ensure that all children at Marland Hill Primary School have as many exciting experiences as possible. Learning in the outdoor environment opens up many doors that children cannot always access. Each child has been given the opportunity to take part and each child thoroughly enjoys the experience they are given.


High quality outdoor education outcomes and themes ensure that all children are able to achieve and are challenged at their own level of ability. Children are given the opportunity to review the outcomes and indicators which are used to plan their activities which ensure that learning outcomes can be reinforced and applied in the future.

Autumn 2015


Reception - Forest Schools - "Hovis the Hedgehog"


During Autumn Term the Reception class visited out Forest School site on Roch Valley way and used a range of woodland materials to create a home for "Hovis the Hedgehog" whose house has been burnt down in a fire.  Some of the children worked together and others had their own ideas and created a home for Hovis independently.


Whilst searching for leaves and sticks the children found lots of slugs and bugs.  Some of the boys made a bug house for them. 


On the way back to school we had great fun slashing through the muddy water.

Reception - Forest Schools - "A Leaf Hunt"


It was a very wet day at Forest School but we wrapped up in our warm waterproofs and went on a leaf hunt.


We found big leaves, small leaves,  long leaves and spikey leaves, there were lots of different coloured leaves too.


On the way back to school we stopped to look at the river that was flowing very fast because of all of the rain we'd had.  It's a good job we had our wellies on as there were lots of puddles!

Year 6 - Robinwood 2015

September 2014 - July 2015