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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Curriculum Overview

This term we have focused our learning around the topics of ‘Carnival of the Animals’ and ‘Enchanted Woodland’. During this time we are exploring animal habitats and the foods which they eat. Additionally, we are exploring some different plants and trees that are within the environment and how they are the producers, within food chains.


Within mathematics we will be focusing on a range of topics. We will be exploring division, where children will be sharing objects equally into groups. Additionally, we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes learning their names and exploring their properties. Also, we will be looking at multiplication, addition and subtraction, along with capacity and different measurements, for example, length.


We will be exploring a range of different materials and design techniques, to design collages and painting that provide a meaning and purpose. Will we use a range of craft materials to produce art work, for example African Savanna pictures, using tissue paper.


Within Physical Education children will be learning how to throw the ball under and over arm. They have learnt how to gain control throwing and catching an object. Additionally, children have been learning how to keep safe moving and climbing on equipment, during gymnastics. They have learnt a range of safety techniques and how to keep safe when using large apparatus.


Pupil Premium Provision & Impact

Within year 1 there are a range of interventions which children access, to enable them to progress within their learning. Some children within year 1 access ‘Get Writing’ intervention. Children within this intervention have made massive amounts of progress and their letter formation along with letter recognition has improved.


Some children within year 1 access the Better Reading Support Program ‘BRSP’ scheme to improve their reading. The children who have been selected to take part within this scheme are children who find reading challenging and who gain limited access to reading beyond school. Children taking part within this scheme have gained great confidence in reading. Internal progress data evidences this very well.


Selected children from Year 1 have been selected to take part in Phonics and Numbers Count Intervention. Children taking part in this intervention particularly find it difficult to recognise and memorise their numbers and phonics sounds. This intervention provides 1-1 support and intense intervention for children, who need focused and intense teaching of the phonics sounds. School based data evidences the strong impact that this is having on progress data.


Most Able Provision & Impact

All children are provided with the opportunity to access teaching material that is appropriate for their ability and to extend and enhance their learning experiences. Within writing, the more able children are provided with access to a range of text types, along with learning about and using a range of grammar and punctuation.

Within maths, we are using the White Rose Hub materials to enable children to gain greater depth and access problem solving materials to enhance their learning and progression. In using these materials children are gaining a greater understanding of concepts and embedding them more securely, enabling them to apply the techniques and methods within a range of situations.

Within reading children are accessing appropriate materials to enhance their understanding and comprehension of a range of text types. Children have been introduced to, and are applying, the reading strategy prompts when reading and carrying out their comprehension. Children are beginning to understand and learn important skills to predict, infer and make links between what they are reading and their own experiences. Children are accessing a range of differentiated comprehensions to extend their understanding of texts. Progress data from starting points at the end of Reception are strong as is the percentage of children working at age related expectations.



British Values

Children take part in regular PSCHE lessons. During this time they learn how to keep safe, be a good friend and have the opportunity to share their own experiences with their peers. Children enjoy talking to their peers about things they have done and experienced, adding to the learning experience for other children.


Within RE we learn about a range of faiths and why it is important to respect different religions and teaching of the Church. Children have the opportunity to understand that they belong to different groups of people, for example their school, friends, their family and their place of worship.



It is important for children to attend school every day and we celebrate children’s attendance in a range of different ways, to recognise its importance. Classes are rewarded with free tuck shop when they win the school attendance award, which takes place on a weekly basis. Year 1, Miss Bagshaw’s class have been rewarded tuck shop twice this year and Mr Lord’s class have won tuck shop once this year. As a year group we would like the opportunity to win tuck shop more often, as the children really enjoy this achievement and reward. It is hugely important for children to attend school every day, as they need to take part in all of the learning. Missed learning experiences can affect their progress and understanding of new concepts being taught.





Authorised Absences

Unauthorised Absences


% Attend


(Miss Bagshaw)







EY1B (Mr Lord)















Autumn 2016

Summer 2016


Curriculum Overview
Our topic for this term is ‘Food and Farming.’ Within this topic the children have been learning about food and where it comes from – plant or animals, where some foods are produced in the UK and the rest of the World. We also completed a short study on the artist Giuseppe Archimboldo and used fruit segments to make our own fruit faces. The children loved taking part in this activity and we were also able to spot some of our talented artists when the children sketched a still life picture of a fruit bowl. We have used our sense of sight, smell, touch and taste to explore different fruits and we linked this with literacy to improve our use of adjectives. The children have enjoyed using a selection of storybooks to support their learning in Literacy including Jack and the Beanstalk, Farmer Duck, Superworm and the Enormous Turnip. In Maths the children have enjoyed exploring mulitiplication and division through arrays, sharing and grouping. We have also looked at weight and measure and the children enjoyed measuring different objects using a ruler and weighing different pieces of fruit and reading the scales.
To support our work on Food and Farming the Year 1 children will be visiting Frankie and Benny’s Italian restaurant week beginning 20th June to design and make pizzas.

Pupil Premium Provision & Impact
17% of our children access our family support worker Mrs B Knox and this enables the families to be able to support and engage in school. 2 children access Mrs A Reagan to support with their attendance and this support will enable children to be in school ready to learn. The Year 1 staff have been focussing on small group phonics sessions twice daily and hopefully we will reap the reward with the results of our phonics screening test.

Most Able Provision & Impact

The children continue to make pleasing progress in Phonics, Literacy and Maths. As afore mentioned the teaching in Phonics is having a positive effect on both the children's reading and their writing. Our twice weekly guided reading sessions are having a positive impact on the children’s comprehension as well as their decoding. During our guided reading sessions we have started to look at more complex comprehension questions and the children are also completing a stand-alone comprehension question paper to apply their skills. In Maths the most able are beginning to access and enjoy the challenge of the Stage 2 curriculum. 


British Values

In RE our topic this term is special places and we have been looking at special places and special buildings. The children have linked their own experiences of special ceremonies they have attended in buildings of worship and other places. The children have enjoyed sharing their opinions and experiences as part of a group.

Attendance in Year 1 has improved dramatically and Mrs Heselwood’s class won the attendance award for 100% attendance. The children enjoyed tucking into free tuck shop and we hope to achieve this again in the very near future.


Spring 2016

Curriculum Overview
Our topic for this term is ‘Carnival of the Animals. Within this topic the children are learning about a range of animals with a focus on African animals.  Our role play areas are linked with the theme and are currently a veterinary surgery and a safari office. A veterinary nurse came into school to explain to the children her job and the events that take place in a veterinary surgery. During the session the children asked the nurse questions that they had prepared. Since her visit we have had lots of bandaged animals who look a little bit worse for wear.

On the 24th February Year 1 visited Knowsley Safari Park and the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Before going to the park we wrote letters to the park keeper to tell him what we wanted to see e.g. ‘I would like to see a tall, towering giraffe because I want to slide down his neck’ and we also asked him questions e.g. ‘Would I be able to feed a monkey?’ The children enjoyed learning about the African animals and actually saw a Giraffe being fed so that they could look at the length of his tongue, Year 1 can now tell you that a giraffe’s tongue is 24 cm long! Part of our trip included a workshop were we could stroke cockroaches, a millipede, a giant african snail and a snake. This trip was a priceless hands on experience not only supported the children’s knowledge and understanding but developed their awareness of animals needs and safety.


Pupil Premium Provision & Impact
17% of our children access our family support worker Mrs B Knox and this enables the families to be able to support and engage in school. 2 children access Mrs A Reagan to support with their attendance and this support will enable children to be in school ready to learn. Teaching assistants are focussing on 1 -1 phonics sessions during afternoon register time with children who have gaps in their phonic knowledge.


Most Able Provision & Impact
The children continue to make pleasing progress in Phonics, Literacy and Maths. The teaching in Phonics is having a positive effect on both the children's reading and their writing. Our twice weekly guided reading sessions are having a positive impact on the children’s comprehension as well as their decoding. The most able are beginning to look at inference as well as literal retrieval .In maths the children are enjoying the challenges of the stage one curriculum. The most able are accessing mastery level challenges to ensure that they can apply and manipulate the strategies taught.

British Values
Year 1 have had a letter from the Queen! We sent our Autumn term Queen’s Knicker work and the Queen’s Lady in Waiting wrote back to us on the Queen’s behalf thanking us for sharing our work.

In RE our topic this term is special books and we have looked at the special books from Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  We have also been looking at stories from these religions and the children have compared the stories and looked at the similarities and differences within them.

The children enjoyed creating their British Values scroll. We focussed on Individual Liberty. Within this we looked at the different groups the children belong to both in and out of school. The children shared their interests and experiences. We ensured that all children were aware that they belonged to Marland Hill.

Date w/b      Mrs Cryer/ Mrs Howarth       Mrs Heselwood
4/01/2016        99%                                      95.7%
11/01/2016       96.3%                                   96.7%
18/01/2016      98.3%                                   98.3%
25/01/2016      87.7%                                  96.7%
1/02//2016      87%                                     96.3%
8/02/2016       96.7%                                  96.7%
22/02/2016     97.7%                                 95.3%

We have not yet been attendance winners but we do keep on trying!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Knowlsey Safari Park March 2016

A letter from The Queen


We received a very exciting letter from the Queen this week. Year 1 sent some photos of their project work and designs for Her Majesty to see.


She thanked us for our work and was glad to hear from us and sent us some information about where she lives and what her job is like.


It was lovely to get a reply from such a busy lady.

Science Work

Number Bond Display

Autumn Term 2015

Curriculum Overview
Our topic for the Autumn term is 'We are Great Britain.' We have been learning about the countries that make up Great Britain and their capital cities. The children were particularly engaged when 'The Queen's Knickers' were delivered to school to accompany the story of the same name with a letter from the Queen. The children enjoyed using the beautiful jewel encrusted sample knickers to help with designing new knickers for the Queen, until a thief descended upon the Year 1 classroom. After viewing CCTV footage, making and displaying Wanted posters and taking part in a detective hunt the thief was identified from a line-up of 3 suspects. Mrs Thorndyke reluctantly returned the sparkly pants and apologised to the children for taking them without asking.  As part of World Studies week we studied Scotland. The children enjoyed learning about 'Nessie' the Loch Ness monster and creating their own 3D Nessie with Loch Ness background.
Pupil Premium Provision & Impact
40% of the pupil premium children in year 1 are involved with our school family worker Mrs Knox. Within this we have 3 children who also have support from our Learning Mentor Ms Regan who helps ensure that they are in school each day and are on time.

Children in Year 1 access phonics and numbers count through our specialist teacher Mrs Carroll. Currently 4 Year 1 children (8%) are accessing this provision. The impact of this provision improves the children’s attainment in these areas but also develops their confidence and their love of learning.

Most Able Provision & Impact
The children are making pleasing progress in Phonics, Literacy and Maths. The teaching in Phonics is having a positive effect on the children's writing and they are becoming increasingly confident at orally segmenting words. They are beginning to write with greater fluency and they are becoming increasingly independent during writing focused activities. In Maths the children are starting to make steady progress and they are beginning to enjoy taking part in work that demands extra challenge.

British Values
To support the topic 'We are Great Britain' the children enjoyed making their own British Values booklets. They enjoyed discussing the key British values as part of the activity. This has been reinforced as part of the Religious Education topic of Belonging where the children have enjoyed talking about the different groups and religions they belong to. The children also enjoyed taking part in and celebrating the Eid festival.

Percentage Attendance By Week 
 W/E                      Class A     Class B
 05/11/2015              98          98.3
 22/10/2015              96          97.9
 15/10/2015              98          97.2
08/10/2015              96.7        99.3
 01/10/2015             98.3        97.8
 24/09/2015            94           97.1
 17/09/2015            97.9         98.3
 10/09/2015            96.9         95.7
Average                  96.98       97.7

The attendance in Year 1 has noticeably improved this term and the children are extremely positive about the incentive of 'Free Tuck Shop.' We have not managed 100% yet but we are hoping to get there soon

Welcome to Year 1!


In the Spring term our topic has been about The Carnival of the Animals and we have learned lots of interesting facts about African animals.


We have made some class information books all about elephants. We have also done lots of work on describing animals to accompany some art work we produced using collage.


We read the story the Lion who wanted to love and in literacy have been working on writing an alternative ending.




After the half term break we had a very busy and exciting week back. On the Friday we visitied Knowsley Safari park and everybody had a fabulous day. The children took part in a class workshop based on African animals and even put their hands in the mouth of a lion!


The highlight of the day was the sea lion show. We also went on a safari drive and saw a pride of lions. Since coming back the children have completed some fantastic recounts of the day.



Picture 1
Picture 2