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Whole School PE Coverage & Timetable 2017-18
Below you will find curriculum information for P.E. for the whole school and individual year groups.   You can also find details on our Sports Funding by following the link below.

P.E. Timetable for 2016-2017







Year 2



Year 4 (Inc Swimming)


Year 1

Year 6



Year 5



Year 3

Spring Term 2016



Majority of children can now get changed into their PE kit independently. The first part of Spring Term, Reception children had a major focus on physical motor skills. These skills were related to The Jungle. The children had to learn a number of skills from jumping through swaps, sprinting through ladders, to collecting fruit for their tribe and even pretending to be the famous jungle animals.


Spring term two the children have had a main focus on ball skills. The children have used a range of equipment from bean bags to tennis balls to compete in throwing, catching and kicking type games.


Years 1 and 2

In Years 1 and 2, children throughout the term have had a major focus on Gymnastics. First half of the term the children focused on the apparatus and used equipment such as the Climbing Frame, ropes and ladders, benches, The Vault and the agility tables. The children had a real focus on balancing at different heights before learning a sequence of moves for the springboard.

In the second half of the term, years 1 and 2 have been focusing on a Gymnastic Body Management Routine. The children had to work with a partner to create a range of shapes and complete a sequence of moves created by The British Gymnastic foundation.


Years 3 and 4

In Years 3 and 4 the children had a focus on Gymnastics Apparatus. The children used a range of skills and to complete leaving the springboard and landing The Vault.

In the second half of Spring Term, Year 3 have focused Cricket. The children have learnt the basic skills of bowling, batting and fielding but can now apply them to game rules. The children understand how to score runs and gain wickets and could also umpire each game fairly.


Year 4’s second topic was Dodgeball. The children worked in teams to develop their throwing and catching techniques before applying them in Benchball and Dodgeball games. The children worked fantastically in teams and were particularly great with the Hearing Impaired children.


In year 4, the children are also taking part in swimming at Heywood Sports Village. The children will get the opportunity to experience time in the water and will progress onto learning the basic swimming techniques.


Years 5 and 6

In years 5 and 6 the children have now been streamed to progress their physical development against similar peers.


In Spring term both classes completed Gymnastics apparatus with a separate subject. In Gymnastics Apparatus the children had to complete a series of moves to correctly land The Vault but to show their progression through school using balancing equipment such as The Beam. The children showed a great desire to not only learn the steps but to practice the techniques independently before their next session.


In year 5 the children had a major focus on Cricket. The children recapped on throwing and catching skills before advancing on to attack and defence cricket shots. Next the children were challenged into learning a range of different cricket games such as Kwik Cricket, partners before playing a cricket World Cup competition.


In Year 6 the children have had a major focus on football. In the first week we recapped on passing and dribbling before progressing on to marking. Next the children would compete again similar peers in short sided games which would challenge the children to apply what was taught during the sessions. The children especially the girls have really enjoyed this and have begun bringing their own football equipment to play at lunch times.


Pupil Premium Provision & Impact

All pupil premium children are given a PE kit from Marland Hill if they fail to bring one into school, so they can participate and perform to the best of their ability all year.

Pupil premium children are also given free entitlement to any extended curriculum activities provided to school. This means the pupil premium have as an equal opportunity as their peers. 50 percent of our Karate children are currently Pupil Premium Provision.


Most Able Provision & Impact

In KS2, Marland Hill stream their PE lessons so that children can participate with peers at a similar ability. This means children can compete and learn from children of a similar physical ability.


Children exceeding throughout the PE curriculum are encouraged to continue their development at extended curriculum activities on offer and to join local community clubs. We currently have children at local clubs such as Mayfield Rugby Club, Lancashire FA for Girls, Kaizen-Do-Karate and children continuing their swimming progression at Heywood Sports Village outside school hours.


Children in KS2 who have impressed with their football skills have been offered a place at the football academy at Marland Hill provided by Mr Armstrong and Mr Pauley. This gives the children a chance to represent the school in competitive games against other local schools. We currently have over 40 children at the academy developing their skills. The year 5 and 6 children entered two competitions in the Spring term and finishing runners up each time in the final.


During the competitions Olivia Fierro was asked to trial for Rochdale Girl Football Team. This is an outstanding achievement from Olivia.


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