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Whole School Music Coverage and Timetable 2017-18
Below you will find curriculum information for Music for the whole school and individual year groups.

Music Summer 2016

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons are a popular choice amongst Key Stage 2 pupils at Marland Hill. There are currently over 80 pupils receiving small group instrumental tuition. Lessons are delivered by the Rochdale Music Service: Woodwind by Mrs. Brooks, Brass by Mrs. Kent and Keyboard / Recorder by Mr. Lewis. Pupils enjoy their lessons and as the Musical Evening brought to light – they are making very good progress with their instrumental playing, many opting to take the ABRSM Music Examinations.


ABRSM Music Medal Examinations

During the Spring Term a number of woodwind pupils took a Music Medal Exam. These ranged from ‘Copper’ to ‘Silver’ Medals. They were joined by some students from another school in the IPLCN network – Heybrook Primary. It is the hope that more schools from the IPLCN will join the exam sessions and enter pupils to take Music Medals.

Another session of Music Medal Exams is scheduled for the end of the Summer Term where pupils from Marland Hill and Heybrook will take their Music Medals.

It is the plan to widen the range of instruments offered for the Music Medal Exams for the academic year 2016-17, by introducing brass, keyboard and recorder. Pupils learning these instruments are looking forward to the Autumn Term 2016 where they can commence their preparation for the exams and hopefully sitting them in December.


Mrs. Brooks has identified Joshua Ashton, who plays flute, as a candidate for the ABRSM Instrumental Examinations – Grade 1 to be taken in the Autumn Term. These exams differ from Music Medals as they are purely a solo exam as opposed to exams taken in a group setting. They combine the enjoyable nature of the Music Medal format with a more rigorous approach to the technical side of playing an instrument – many scales / exercises being learnt to be performed from memory. Alongside testing in sight-reading and aural awareness.


Marland Hill’s Link with The Halle Orchestra

As the second half of the Summer Term gets under way, 30 pupils from Year 5 are taking part in the Halle World Music Project involving other schools from the IPLCN: Heybrook, St. Andrew’s and Moorhouse.


Each school has been assigned a different country, and will learn a piece in the style of that countries musical tradition.


Countries / musical styles have been assigned as follows:

  • Marland Hill - Cuban music 
  • Heybrook - Indian music
  • St. Andrews - Indonesian Gamelan musicc
  • Moorhouse - African music

Eight specialist instrumentalists from the Halle Orchestra have been assigned in pairs to visit one of each of the four schools for three half day workshops. A final rehearsal followed by a concert on the evening of Monday the 27th of June will be held at Marland Hill. Each school will perform the pieces they have learnt to each other and parents, and take part in an ‘all schools’ finale piece led by a French Horn player form the Halle who is from Rochdale.

The Marland Hill Musical Evening

The Annual Marland Hill Musical Evening took place during the last week of the first half of the Summer Term. The evening was a great success and gave pupils the opportunity to share their hard work, commitment and dedication they have displayed towards their musical work throughout the school year.


The evening included performances by: The School Band, brass groups, woodwind soloists, Y3 full class mixed brass group, recorders, Y4 Singers, Y5 / 6 Singers and the Y5 Samba Band. The evening was interspersed with music provided by the Rochdale Music Service Band, and was presented in an entertaining manner by two Year 5 pupils, Lybah Hussain Ali and Rohma Ahmed, the script having been written by Y5 Pupil Lybah Hussain Ali and Y6 Pupil Zara Hussain Ali. The evening ended with a finale song by all the children involved in the concert.


The IPLCN Instrumental Workshop

The annual IPLCN Instrumental Workshop is set to take place at Heybrook Primary on Tuesday 21st June. Schools from the IPLCN combine together for a morning of instrumental performance where they play together some ‘full school’ pieces they have been learning, and also performing a piece of music to the other schools. Pupils in the Marland Hill School Band will be attending the workshop, and will have the opportunity to share their musical performance with around 100 pupils from other schools in the IPLCN.

The Heywood Song Festival

On Wednesday 22nd June 30 Year 5 pupils will attend the Heywood Song Festival at Heywood Civic Centre. The singing event involves a network of schools from Heywood, and will comprise of a performance of four ‘full school’ songs, alongside the opportunity for each school to perform on their own. Last year’s event was a great success and enjoyed by all – providing pupils from Marland Hill to contribute to the musical performance of a neighboring network of schools.

School Band

The school band rehearses weekly on Fridays 3.00pm – 4.00pm and has 18 members playing a variety of instruments from Year’s 4, 5 and 6. Pupils enjoyed taking part in a performance at the Musical Evening and are preparing pieces to perform at the IPLCN Instrumental Workshop later this month.

Marland Hill’s Talent Show

Scheduled for a finale to the Summer Term is a talent show for Year 5 / 6 pupils. Children are enthusiastically preparing a mixture of song, dance and musical performances to take part in what is certain to be an entertaining event – showcasing the diverse range of talents the pupils of Marland Hill possess. This will be enjoyed by pupils and parents in a performance scheduled on the evening of Tuesday 12th July.

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