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Hearing Impaired Rochdale

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Curriculum Overview:

All the HIRB pupils continue to have daily phonics and literacy sessions in the base where they benefit from small group teaching with a TOD and specialist support staff in a quieter environment.

This term we have all been focussing on the ‘Colourful Semantics’ system for sentence writing at different levels. This is a prescriptive system which helps children to write sentences in the correct English word order. All the HIRB pupils are starting to use this system independently with some pupils expanding their independent writing to include conjunctions, adjectives and appropriate verb tenses.

Key stage 1 pupils have been reading and working on ‘The Gingerbread Man’ story whilst Key Stage 2 children have been reading and working on ‘The Midnight Gang.’

All HI pupils follow school's 'Assertive mentoring' programme for grammar, spelling and comprehension on a weekly basis in the HIRB at a skill level appropriate to their language and cognitive levels.

Regular half termly assessment of independent English work shows that the pupils are making progress in all areas of the English and speech/language curriculum. Prior to annual review all the HI children are currently being assessed [using specialist tests] in their expressive and receptive language. When tests are all completed the results will be reported in the next governors’ report.

All the HI pupils are part of their mainstream classes with support for all other areas of the curriculum. They receive pre and post tutoring for all other curriculum subjects in the base alongside dedicated sessions for specific speech and language targets decided jointly by the TOD and Speech and Language therapist.

Pupil progress so far this term:






Dec 2016

Feb 2017

Dec 2016

Feb 2017

AM:Pupil A - EY





Pupil B – year 2


AM:St1 E


AM: St1 D


AM:St0 D


AM: St1 R

Pupil C – year 2


AM:St1 R


AM: St1 R


AM:St1 R


AM: St1 R

Pupil D – year 5


AM:St2 E


AM:St2 S


AM:St2 R


AM:St2 R

Pupil E – year 5

PIVATS: 36.5

AM: St2 R


AM: St2 R



AM: St1 S



Pupil F – year 6


AM: St2 R


AM: St2 D


AM: St2 D

PIVATS: 39.5

AM: St2 D


As can be seen from the termly assessment scores all the HI pupils have made progress in areas of their language development. Reading scores are particularly pleasing as reading is an essential visual information tool for all deaf children.

The Year 6 pupil [MO] will be taking his KS2 English SATS test in May this year.

Pupil Premium and Impact:

Over the last term KH has successfully completed the ‘First Class at Number’ intervention programme. Results show he has made 26 months progress – moving from AM Stage 1D to 2E – an excellent result!

This term AQ is also taking part in the programme and is making good progress to date.

In Year 5 TI is making good progress across the curriculum and has been involved in Outdoor Pursuits projects which she has enjoyed.

Most Able Provision and Impact:

MO in Year 6 has shown great skill in cricket and has represented school at several matches and events. This has had a very positive impact on his self esteem which in turn has helped his self confidence to develop in the classroom – helping to promote a more positive attitude to learning.

British Values:

These are demonstrated and taught throughout every session the HI pupils take part in. All HI pupils are happy and comfortable to wear their equipment in school as they are confident that this equipment will be respected by both deaf and hearing peers throughout school.

Autumn Term 2016

Spring Term 2016

Marland Hill were delighted to invite Krazy Cats theatre company to school for a performance of their show, "Cinderella!.


The show was enjoyed by all of our Early Years children and our Hearing Impaired children along with families and Hearing Impaired children from other schools in Preston and Bury. 


Krazy Cats theatre productions incorporate sign language making their shows accessible for deaf children and their hearing peers. The show is performed by an integrated company of deaf and deaf-aware practitioners and coupled with the highly visual aspect of their work they engage actively with the audience.

Sign 2 Sing Assembly


Thank you to everyone who took part in our Sign 2 Sing Assembly on Friday 5th February.

The whole school took part in signing a song which was led by our HI staff and our amazing Signing Choir.


Please have a look at our pictures below!

HI Drumming Day


Our hearing impaired children and our early years music group children enjoyed a visit from a percussionist on the 20th November.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed the morning as you can see!

Picture 1

We made the news!!!!

We made the news!!!! 1

Listening Bus Visit 16th October 2015

Marland Hill has specialist provision for hearing impaired children in its Hearing Impaired Resource Base [HIRB].


This is staffed by highly skilled teaching assistants and a teacher of the deaf who are all trained in British Sign Language.

The curriculum for these children is highly personalised, and where appropriate, combines individualised lessons in the HIRB, and time in mainstream classes.  Children in the HIRB regularly spend time working on their IEP targets, taking part in pre and post tutoring sessions, and working on speech and language objectives. All hearing impaired children at Marland Hill, whether mainstream or part of the HIRB, have daily equipment checks, immediate access to specialist staff, speech and language sessions, and personalised time in the unit. All levels of hearing impaired children are welcome at Marland Hill, and can expect an individualised curriculum.

When Marland Hill was rebuilt in 2006 it was designed with hearing impaired children at the heart of the design. All classrooms are equipped with Soundfield systems, which can be connected to individual hearing aid systems, as well as providing an enhanced sound system across the classroom through the built in speaker system.

Visitors to the school are more than welcome. Please contact us to arrange a visit, where staff will be more than welcome to talk through how we can best meet the needs of your child.